Quick Update

First, my apologies at the delay in posting, and in getting out individual thank you’s to everyone I can reach. I’m spending a lot of time exhausted, but hope to get started on things Thursday. I am shocked, awed, and humbled at all of the support. It means a lot, a lot more than I can say.

Yesterday’s nuclear imaging stress test did not get the results the cardiologist wants/needs. As a result, in the coming weeks I will have to undergo a heart catheterization. The goal is to go in, figure out what is going on with one area of my heart, and if it can be fixed during the procedure, fix it. It is not what the cardiologist or I wanted, especially as I’m allergic to the dye/contrast to be used and that increases the risk. At the same time, if it can lead to fixing the issue, I’m all for it as I’m tired of being exhausted. That exhaustion is one reason I’m behind on a lot of personal things, including getting out the individual thank you notes. Right now, I’ve been having to use my days off just to rest up and recover.

More soon.