Preparedness Pays And More

Sorry for the long silence, but I’ve changed day jobs and it has been intense. Good, but intense. It will also help with some of the information in Preparedness Pays as well as my preparations.

Along those lines, I suggest you read this post from Sarah A. Hoyt. Like her, I am concerned at what I see coming. Like her, I’m expanding my preparedness as fast as I can within my budget.

A suggestion for those who are just now getting into practical preparedness: buy a water bath canner and a pressure canner now. When covidmania hit, you could not find either, and had a hard time finding jars. The jar shortage continues, so stock up when you can.

More soon.

2 thoughts on “Preparedness Pays And More”

  1. You can get away with just the pressure canner, since those can double as water bath canners.

    1. True, but am thinking of two types of canning being done at once, also adds redundancy to the system. In addition, water bath canner can be used for making large batches of soup or stews as a regular stock pot at need. Also, good for boiling large quantities of water. You can never have too many large pots, esp. in an emergency.

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