Our Broken Military

There are no words for the disgusting and despicable political actions of our current military leadership. From a congresscritter using National Guard soldiers in uniform as a prop (and a threat) to the multiple attacks on Tucker Carlson because he dared criticize the current push to put SJW priorities before warfighting capabilities. While Ted Cruz has pushed back, and Kurt Schlichter has a good take on things, don’t expect anything to come of it. There may be a little show, but the politization will continue. This despite a series of war games in which the U.S. is defeated by China; and, the increasing military and nuclear threat from Russia that I’ve talked about before.

For those who wonder why I’ve said that if faced with an unlawful order, the best case is that the military shatters. Look at those who attacked Tucker Carlson for daring criticize their emphasis on SJW issues rather than training (note, Carlson did NOT criticize female troops): do you really think that they would not hesitate to obey an illegal order? Look at the NG troops in mentioned above who knowingly and willfully took part in a political event in uniform. If they disobey one illegal order, why would anyone thing that they would not obey another? I have to agree with Glenn’s take that they seem far more interested in domestic control than in successfully confronting our enemies.

Oh, before I forget: if you decide to look up the series of stories about our being beaten by China in the war games, you might note that in none of the stories do they discuss how badly we lost. That may, perhaps, speak volumes.

While it is with a heavy heart, I will also note that I am one of many who is no longer recommending joining the military to most who are interested. What you see above is but a shadow of what is to come (unless China and/or Russia act first).

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  1. Notice how the Constitution comes first!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I, _____, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. So help me God.”

  2. If only people who believe in a political military join, there is no hope; and probably no military either. SJW’s aren’t really keen on the mud and shouting. Entryism should not be a strategy of the Left only 🙂

  3. In the case of the Guamanian National Guard soldiers who marched to a Republican congresscritters office, I assume the bulk of them never considered their actions to be political nor intimidation. They were of course, but I’d bet the organizer couched the proposed march in terms of “she doesn’t know we exist, lets go over there and show her she’s wrong.”

    Had he/she said “lets go over there and make her publicly acknowledge our existence” a few would have twigged. Had he/she said “lets go over there and run that Republican out of office” most would have balked.

  4. I had a 503 error trying to reach here early this morning. Sarah Hoyt brought you an Instalanche, it seems. But no comments. Bummer.

    I think the upper echelons of the military were counting on that annoying conservative propensity to think the military is, by definition, conservative. I’ve been arguing about it for at least a couple of decades – it is not. And it’s a shame to see it slide into wokeness like this (though, again, it’s been happening for a long time; this isn’t just a Biden thing).

    Academy grad, veteran, mil contractor

  5. Don’t forget the National Guard democrat political theater at our former Capitol.

  6. Same. I can’t recommend the military any longer, even though for most of my life I have, and feel my time in the military was some of the most important and formative in my life. I suspect I wouldn’t have the same experience now if I were a young person considering a military career.

  7. Thank you all for commenting! The first time someone comments, they have to be approved, which I can’t do from work.

    This was not an easy post to write. I’ve been involved in various ways with defense and national security since high school. That issues and threats could be identified, changes made to deal with them and other issues to improve the services and readiness has been a part of that work. Not always easy, and sometimes things have bitten various rumps because things didn’t get fixed when they should — but the ability has been there.

    Yes, negative changes really got started under Clinton, and the purge of warfighters in the leadership under Obama was horrifying. I honestly thought we had a chance at fixing things under Trump, but the opposition to such by both uniform and civilian leadership was unprecedented. To say I was disappointed in certain people is an understatement.

    Previous posts have dealt with a variety of issues, including the troops at the Capitol. They have also pointed out some of the growing threats and that China will invade Taiwan sooner rather than later. Even if we have the political will to try to intervene, our ability to do so successfully is in serious doubt. Our ability to intervene in the face of Russian incursions into non-NATO countries is also in doubt; and, with Vladimir lowering nuclear thresholds even interveneing on behalf of NATO countries could have results that few here are willing to contemplate.

    Right now, other than encouraging members of Congress to do what they can, there is little that can be done by the average Citizen. We can but hope that some of the good troops and leaders will quietly fight the good fight within the organizations — and it must be quietly or else they too will be purged. That there will be a temptation for some to just put their heads down and finish out the 20 if they are close is a given. However, if they take advantage of opportunities they can do a lot of good in the process. To be honest, I’ve advised some to get out now, no matter what. I have advised some to stay in, as they are in a good position for them and for the Republic.

    That said, there are hard times coming. All we can do is prepare the best we can; encourage Congress to exercise its oversight; and, maybe, make enough noise to provide cover for those who are inside and trying to do what is right.

    Again, my thanks for commenting.

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