Crazy Weekend

Still catching up, day job is taking time and then there are other things at play as well.

My mobile apparently got zorched by a car power outlet not sending out the right voltage. I was going to replace it this week anyway, but it turned into an emergency issue on Friday. Good news is, took my business away from AT&T. Bad news, I had to go with a new phone, which I had not wanted to do. That said, the new phone is a vast improvement over what I had even if it did take most of the weekend to finish getting it set up and taking care of what got lost in the process.

I’ve also removed all my books and stories from Amazon Unlimited. That will hurt me a bit financially, but is worth it to cut into Amazon a bit. Slowly but surely I’m disengaging from every woke business I can.

Maybe this week won’t be quite as crazy and I can get back to regular posting. We will see.