Protests, Armed Or Otherwise

Don’t be stupid! Don’t go. Period.

For the first, what I’m seeing screams false-flag/set-up/bad news. They need something more than the demonsration at the Capitol if they are to have any chance to ram through gun control and gun confiscation legislation. So, don’t give it to them. As with all things, make them work for it.

For the second, boycott the inauguration. Don’t acknowledge it, don’t view it, don’t listen to it, ignore it. Make the ratings tank. It is the most powerful thing we can do. That includes not protesting it, which sends several messages while preventing anything but a staged incident that could be used to further cement their power and erode our remaining freedoms.

Don’t be stupid! Don’t go. Period.


This weekend, it was The Other McCain. This morning, it was Instapundit courtesy of Vodka Pundit himself Stephen Green. My thanks to you!

The Other McCain linked to The Great Silencing Proceeds (the entire series can be found here), and Instapundit linked to Protests, Armed Or Otherwise (more in Politics can be found here).

For those who might be interested in browsing around, please do check out the Preparedness category as well as other work.


For anyone whining that this is not pro-active enough, or that are truly looking at viable ways to resist/fight back, check out What Else Can I Do.

7 thoughts on “Protests, Armed Or Otherwise”

    1. I’m not advocating hiding (read this as well as my other posts). What I’m advocating is not giving them what they need (a huge false-flag) to openly go for gun control and gun confiscation (among other things). Fight smart, not stupid. Practice political aikido: don’t be where the blow is aimed, and then use their over-extension against them. Please don’t be insulting.

      1. Totally agree with you here. Give them NOTHING. They set up Trump’s supporters on Dec. 6 and they will continue to do so given any opportunity.

        We must fight smart.

    2. But some SHOULD attend. We are on the brink of one of the greatest false flag operations in history. Generations of students will look at images of Antifa dressed as Conservatives and be told that is who we are.

      People should attend, but not to protest. Instead they should document the obvious false flag operation in all it’s glory. How different would things be now if some insightful individuals captured those trash bags of votes being hauled into counting centers on VIDEO. The world might look very different.

      So some brave souls should go, for the rest of us who can’t.

      Don’t dress in MAGA or anything tactical.
      Don’t gather in groups or wave flags.
      Don’t be obvious. Look like you’re just out and about as you secretly document them
      Don’t confront anyone for any reason.
      Don’t everyone follow them. Some need to stay and document the return to the rally point. This is likely when the the masks slip the most.

      Do find their buses and rally points.
      Do document them passing out MAGA or other patriotic gear.
      Do get as clear images as possible. As many as possible.
      DO GET LICENSE PLATE NUMBERS OF THEIR BUSES AND TRANSPORTS. This is crucial to show who they really are.
      Do document them at every turn.

      For anyone willing to do this I am sure that generations of Americans will thank you.

  1. Watching tom brady and drew brees hug after the bucs/saints game was more rewarding than watching sleepy joe stuttering away in front an occupying army of national guard troops.

  2. I agree about false flag op. Since there are 5 times more troops in DC for the Despicable Party’s big affair than there are in Iraq and Afghanistan, they are obviously expecting to break some heads. It would be crazy to go in there and protest because it’s a given that the Left’s shock troops will infiltrate, incite and provoke. Those who do might actually be committing “suicide by cop”.

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