Ware False Flags And Friends

Short and sweet this morning. If you are thinking about attending an armed protest: DON’T. Do you not think that these will be used to set-up a provocation, an “incident” that will be used to push through legislation on gun control and confiscation? Don’t be stupid, they will do so (as with Waco) and take it as far as they can.

For all that I agree with Sarah A. Hoyt on the fact that we need to Dance To The Line, I would recommend strongly avoiding most protests. As with the one in southern California, they will be attacked and despite video and other evidence, only one side will commit violence and be charged. HINT: It will not be those attacking the peaceful protest.

Beware online and real-life “friends” egging you and events on. The amount of IW/Psyops underway is beyond amazing and disturbing. The left needs violence, and will do anything to anyone to get it. Step back from it, make them overextend so that you/we can step aside and let them fall on their face (think Aikido). Don’t play into their hands by being stupid and giving them something they can seize on and distort. We do not need any more martyrs like Ashli Babbitt (SAY HER NAME!), though we will have them. Far too many of them I suspect.

There will come a time when to save their life, or the lives of a loved one, someone will defend themselves. The left and it’s leaders in politics and the media, will do all they can to demonize and destroy that person. They will lie through their teeth about what happened, and use it to push not just gun control and confiscation, but to go after all weapons if they can. They want everyone who might oppose them disarmed.

Ridicule them, counter them with facts, make them take ridiculous swings so that the masks slip for all to see. But, be as safe as you can and don’t give them any unforced errors to use against those who oppose them.