Free Ice Cream Non-Shortage

Some things came up at the day job that have me going in early, so there is a free ice cream shortage here. That said, there really isn’t a free ice cream shortage overall. Allow me to recommend you go to:

Instapundit (who does very good space/science coverage too)

Sarah A. Hoyt (who has been ahead of the curve on many election issues because she’s lived this before and recognizes the tactics. For a large “white” male, she gets around).

Legal Insurrection


Also, here is the mask study that is in the news, along with an interesting study looking at children and COVID-19. Remember, even on the rare occasion a real science reporter does the article/broadcast, read the paper/study being discussed yourself to get the straight scoop. Meantime, The Great Silencing marches on as predicted with yet more efforts on the financial front (expect more of this type thing to come) and more efforts on the hosting and promotion front. Note that the first is NOT the software, but a hosting provider. No need to abandon the software.

Enjoy your day!