Quick Take On First Debate

No, I did not watch it. Well past my bedtime and from the clips and commentary it went pretty much as expected. Based on the clips and commentary, it seems:

  1. Trump more than held his own against his primary opponent, Chris Wallace.
  2. Trump scored hugely by bringing up the stories the media is refusing to cover or downplaying. For many, first they’ve heard of them and hopefully they will look them up.
  3. Trump fought back, instead of just smiling and bending over further as is the Republican party norm. According to the Biden camp, this is unpresidential. Though, to be fair, the better term for the media and the never-Trumpers would be camp followers.
  4. Why was Joe wired, and constantly bringing his hand up to his face?
  5. Joe didn’t win, otherwise his camp and camp followers would not be calling for him to skip the remaining debates.
  6. Apparently, Latino voters see Trump as the victor, and I suspect a lot more do as well.

Your take may vary, and that’s a good and healthy thing. We are each entitled to an opinion, and to safely voice the same. Only True Fascists™© seek to prevent free speech and honest discourse.