None Dare Call It

The headline harkens back further than the 1964 book showing communist infiltration of American culture and politics. In fact, it goes back roughly 400 years to John Harington. Both actually apply to what is happening today, and while treason doth apply, there is another topic on which the media is being extremely quiet, for none dare call the violence violence, or what it truly is.

There is active collusion between politicians and the radicals engaged in not peaceful protest, or even peaceful intensified; rather, they are engaged in armed insurrection. That they are well funded and supplied is a fact, and it takes little (particularly if you don’t use Google) searching to find evidence of it. This article highlights part of it, and there is much more to be found: advanced communications gear, PPE, and more. One hopes that the competent in federal law enforcement are gathering intel, infiltrating, and will press charges where warranted. Hope, however, is a thing in short supply given the many failures of our so-called elite.

Believe those engaged in insurrection when they tell you what they plan to do. When they talk of encouraging random attacks. When they say they plan to kill you. They are not even hiding this point. Indeed on that bastion of free speech Facebook, they are openly calling for the killing/assassination of federal agents. Talking about killing white or conservative citizens and assassinating federal agents is acceptable to their community standards; but, dare mention HCQ and you will find yourself suspended or gone.

That targeted assassination is a thing, look no further than the murder of Bernell Trammell. The media all refer to it as a murder, but it has all the earmarks of a targeted assassination. None in the media dare call it that. I’m not sure he was the first, but sadly suspect he will not be the last. One toes the line or else.

Another good example of a targeted assassination can be found here in Indy. Jessica Doty Whitaker was gunned down by an assassin hiding on a bridge for the crime of saying “All Lives Matter” during an altercation that happened earlier in the evening. The local media has bent over backwards to avoid calling it what it was. In fact, other than WIBC (which also has avoided using the word assassination), the media has worked hard to avoid covering the story except when absolutely necessary.

Random violence is also up, and again the media (and some authorities) are quick to either deny any racial motivation or to avoid mentioning the possibility at all. A random shooting here (stopped by a good guy with a gun) had the police quickly saying no racism, only mental illness. I have no doubt as to the latter, but no basis for the first has been given. A road-rage killing has the racial factor ignored as well. There are many more to choose from, as if you go search for videos of random attacks they are easy to find. Also do a search for unprovoked attacks on Trump supporters, and it sad to see how many there are where a younger person attacks an older without warning or cause.

I fear the situation is only going to get worse. Say the wrong thing, and the mob will come for you. Say the wrong thing, and you can die. Violence and assassination have been normalized, and will be used to intimidate and coerce. It is not enough to cancel you, and destroy your life. You must be killed. Believe them when they openly say this. Believe what you see when the masks don’t just slip, but are openly thrown off to reveal that which lies beneath.

So far, the violence is being ignored and/or covered up. With the active collusion of politicians at every level, it is encouraged. After all, there’s an election to win and one group clearly plans to win at any cost. If lives are destroyed and people killed, it is a small price to pay to win the big prize.

I would, however, caution those who are promoting and conducting the violence. They see it as something controlled via a rheostat, to be dialed up or down at need. Others, however, see it as an on/off switch and as the violence increases are considering flipping that switch and the consequences will be horrific. As others have pointed out, the police they seek to defund are in place in large measure to protect those who violate the rules of society. When society has not had such, the consequences to those who transgress (and far too many innocent parties) tends to be rather gruesome.

We are fast approaching a point where the Citizens of this Republic will have to make a choice. Not just a choice between Rule-of-Law and Rule of the Mob, but on our very civil institutions. If the Social Compact is rendered null and void, what do we do? What can we do?

For now, we can educate, warn, and prepare. We can vote with our dollars and with our feet. I would like to suggest to the thousands who are fleeing various locations for more peaceful locations that they not bring the politics with them that led to their cities becoming war zones. If you are in a location where the local/state governments have or are encouraging rioting and worse; or, are gleefully using the pandemic to seize power: get out. Vote with your feet.

Meantime, prepare. Prepare for the worst. If it doesn’t happen, the preparations are still good to have in place. If it does, being prepared will ensure you stay fed, healthy, and alive. I truly fear what September and October will bring. May my fears be in vain.