Ghislaine Maxwell

I really hope that her arrest doesn’t lead to her “suicide.” That this time some competence is used at all levels, especially as she has every reason to cooperate. The fact that she hadn’t fled to France, where she holds citizenship and could have – a la Roman Polanski – avoided extradition, speaks volumes. That this comes so closely on the heels of the firing of Berman also speaks volumes. Maybe now they will also search Epstein’s ranch, and do a proper search of all his properties.

That said, I’m thinking of starting a pool on the manner of her suicide. Seppuku? Hanging? Overdose? Car Accident? Shooting herself in the back? Slit wrists in the tub? Electric toaster in the tub? Feel free to add your own.

This case really needs to move forward, but I have zero expectations that it will. There are too many powerful people making extraordinary efforts to block it, and our system is corrupted. It would be nice to be surprised and wrong, but reality to date rates that as a sucker bet.