The Vanity Of Illusions

Neo has a good take that echoes some things I’ve said before. He does a good job, and I do recommend reading his take on how the Democrats believe they have Trump checkmated.

That said, I think they are wrong. Beyond that, they are inflicting serious wounds on themselves even as they drop the masks and show the hideousness beneath. The public does indeed see it, unless they are the terminally woke. More importantly, those who own or are starting small businesses, and those who own mid-sized businesses are paying very close attention — and voting with their feet.

In Indianapolis, Mayor Hogsbreath ordered the police to stand down so the downtown area could be sacked. Rather, lacking the courage and integrity to own his decision, he had a deputy mayor give the order. Then, nothing. Not a word from the mayor or his office to the businesses that were damaged or destroyed. To top it off, his office has openly lied to the media and the public, claiming he had been in touch.

More than one business, including some fairly big names, are rumored to be considering moving outside of Indianapolis if they reopen. The sacking and no communications tells them all they need to know. If they go, the efforts to revitalize downtown and to make/keep it as a convention destination will fail. I see this happening in cities across the U.S., with some not just moving out of the city, but relocating to other states. It’s the wise and right decision for them, and it will devastate the cities they leave. It’s a self-inflicted wound that may well be fatal for those cities. I would hate to see that happen here, but would not be surprised.

People are watching, seeing, and they no longer believe the torrent of words from the politicians and experts. What will happen remains to be seen, but with so many already voting with their feet, it will not be a good time for those cities or the politicians. They are also arming up: I visited several gun stores recently, and on Saturday all were packed. Black, White, Asian — what they all had in common was that most were middle class and all had seen that the state would not protect them, that they were on their own. Quite a few were vocal about that. That is a good thing. But it confirms that no matter the words from the politicians and their media activists, the people are already voting and it does not bode well for those politicians/experts.