Yet More From Our Expert Class

First it was masks. Now, it is gloves. This from Dr. Lindsey Weaver, Chief Medical Officer for the Indiana Dept. of Health. Her basic rational?

You are too stupid to wear them correctly, and it is just easier to tell you not to wear them rather than to tell you how to wear them to get maximum safety. Gee, after all you proles are too ignorant to be shown how to put them on, to wash or use sanitizer on them on a regular basis, and to change them safely on a regular basis as well.

This is the same arrogance we saw on masks, and possibly for much the same reason (supply). This from our so-called elite class who as a class have yet to get it right at the start so far. Some still are not getting it right…

Grrrr. The condescending tone just really iced the cake as it were.