Shameless Capitalism, The Bar Edition

One, having a home bar can be fun and rewarding. Two, if you are going to be isolated for a while via snowstorm, ice storm, pandemic, or other, it might come in handy. So, here are a few recommendations.

Start with The Bar Book. It truly is an indispensable guide not only to a wide variety of drinks, but to setting your bar up properly with guides to glassware and more included. A staple of the club where I hang out on Sundays.

Before anything else (other than alcohol), you are going to need a good shaker. This one seems to fit the bill, with a number of bells and whistles added in that may be useful. You are also going to need some bar measuring glasses, and these take care of that. Having some shot glasses is a good idea as well.

Before going too crazy on glassware, study the bar book and it’s recommendations first. That said, rocks glasses and pint glasses are always going to be needed.

So, get the book and basics, add alcohol, and enjoy!

Yes, I’m an Affiliate. Per government requirement, I have to tell you that I might make money off this someday if you buy using these links. See disclaimer