Shameless, Unrepentant, Unabashed Capitalism

More things to stock for a quarantine, or anything that makes you hole up for a bit. First up, I recommend a lot of books (and booze). Another good author to explore is David Weber. His Honor Harrington series is a NYT bestseller for a reason. It builds and the characters grow (and not just in number) throughout the series. His Empire From The Ashes series is also a good, fun read. Another fun read is his Oath of Swords series. Finally, there is his Empire of Man series with John Ringo that starts with March Upcountry and is a great pairing of authors.

On the food front, let’s stick with some basics: canned bacon, canned cheese, canned butter, canned bread. If you are going to get powdered milk, get whole milk powdered milk. Want some good snackage? Get this sampler from Epic.

Yes, I’m an Affiliate. Per government requirement, I have to tell you that I might make money off this someday if you buy using these links. See disclaimer