COVID-19 29Feb20

Not going to get too far into things this morning, but do want to say the following:

The BEST way to avoid getting it is to wash you hands frequently and well. Use hand sanitizer between washings, and disinfect the things you use or touch regularly including your cell phone, remotes, computer keyboards, etc. In other words, flu or strict flu protocols are the best defense for now.

Two, if you work with one of those “I’ve never taken a sick day/yes I’m sick but I’m coming in anyway types” send them home (if you are a boss), and if you work with them a sock party is warranted. Stay away from them and treat them as a pariah. Guarantee you they have cost more productivity than they have ever saved by coming in sick.

Three, anyone who tells you it’s just the flu is a complete and total (expletive) idiot. Anyone who tells you it is Capt. Tripps, is a complete and total (expletive) idiot. No difference between them, and both are just as bad.

Again, there is no need to panic. There is a need to be informed (which means not going to major media for info, go to specialized pubs/experts), be alert, and be prepared. Be prepared financially and practically for a possible quarantine in your area. You don’t need a ton of masks (unless you are sick or are a first responder/medical professional dealing with and treating infected patients), so put your money elsewhere for now. What you do need is hand sanitizer, soap, food for an extended vacation at home, and other practical things so that you are not a drain on society.

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