Quick Additional Thoughts On The Bureaucracy

Given the idiots out there, as well as those who will deliberately try to mis-represent my thoughts (Outrage! Cancel! No Grace For You!), let me add the following thoughts and suggestions for consideration.

First, there are some very good and talented people that work for the CDC, HHS, etc. If they are allowed to truly do their jobs, they are going to break the back of this thing.

But, they also work for a political, not a medical, organization. Which means they have a political administration for most of whom the first thought on response will be politics. They also have a lot of deadwood supporting that administration. These are the type who hang up when someone protests an idiotic decision, and who make that decision because that’s the way it was last month.

Since pour encourager les autres is not going to be an option (hyperbole people, hyperbole), such deadwood (management and staff) needs to be publicly named and shamed and find themselves on a permanent unpaid leave as soon as discovered (since firing takes a lot of time and effort). Find someone playing politics on the job? Out the door. Doesn’t matter the level, boot them. Immediately and publicly.

Anyone who impedes the response to this, or any other epidemic, through incompetence or deliberate malice (and that is what it is), needs to go immediately and with fanfare. It’s also well past time to prune the CDC back to it’s job, so that is lean, mean, and responsive.

Just my thoughts.

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