Panic Is Off And Running

As I noted on MeWe yesterday, the panic is off and running. I stopped by my local Lowe’s yesterday, and was unsurprised on many levels to find out that a small number of people had come in and stripped them of very N95 and R95 mask in stock. I was a bit surprised that they still had respirators left.

Yes, I have a mask or two. But, as I’ve noted before, more masks are the lowest item on my preparations list. For most of us, they don’t make much sense at this time.

If you want to minimize your risk of getting COVID-19, use strong flu protocols. The biggest thing is to wash your hands frequently, follow with sanitizer; and, sanitize your hands on a regular basis between washings. If you use the bathroom, WASH YOUR FLIPPIN HANDS! Good hygiene and strong flu protocols are, for now, the best bet.