COVID-19 Breaking A Chain?

The key to stopping an epidemic, or even a pandemic, is to break the various chains of infection. Break enough, and you stop it from spreading. First and best way to do so is quarantine.

Problem is, quarantines only work with known cases and known exposures. COVID-19 is transmitted through human waste (fecal matter) as one transmission vector.

Seems to me that if you want to break or at least weaken the chain of transmission in this manner that is going to happen with those who don’t know they are infected, there is an “easy” way to do it: clean and sterilize all public bathrooms.

Business, highway rest stop, doesn’t matter. Start cleaning and sterilizing them to the best of your ability every two hours. Not once a day, not twice a day, but every two hours. Is it an expense for businesses and agencies? Yes, but it is also far cheaper than having your business closed for weeks as a result of this spreading too far too fast.

Just a thought to share.

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