COVID19: The Situation In China Gets Even Weirder

The other day, I said I wanted to get back to Rod Dreher’s post on The China Apocalypse. That time is now, though I still can’t do it justice with the time I have this morning.

That said, in addition to locusts, a new biblical plague has hit China on top of COVID-19 and locusts: Frogs. Yes, tens of thousands of frogs have appeared on the roads of Wuhan and Nanjing. The locals fear earthquake, but most everyone else is going “wow” and “hmmmmm.” One has to wonder if given the swine flu, then the rest of this if Xi is hearing the music to Ben Hur when the appeals are made to Pharaoh, perhaps interspersed with “All You Zombies.”

Setting aside the prophecy, which I find more than a bit interesting, what has struck me most about this is that even a week ago I would have considered the response of this class of Chinese citizen to be impossible. The control of the upper elite is not just slipping, it’s taken one or more body blows.

For the elite, trained in the learning centers of and for the elite, to turn on the government like this is profound in a way that can’t be overstated. It is not a crack in the wall; rather, something on the order of a postern door or larger has been opened up and the troops are swarming through.

Is it the end of the current government and/or system? The ball says no answer at this time. Does it portend good things for that government? No, not in the least. What we can do is wait and see, and encourage and help those in Hong Kong and elsewhere to take what stands they can.

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