The Experimental Cocktail: The Last Two Current Ingredients

The current final two ingredients (as ingredients are subject to change after 4-6 weeks) are the two for which there is the least scientific data. That said, they offer a chance to kick some things into action.

First up is cinnamon. Yes, the spice. It’s also long been used for medical purposes (as with many spices). This write-up provides an overview of it’s uses and a good bit of data (such as it is). Frankly, there is a lot of potential there, though studies appear to be sparse and the governmental studies (unsurprisingly) are ambiguous.

One does need to be very careful, however, about the source and strength of the cinnamon. In short, there are two types of cinnamon on the market: Ceylon (True, or British) and Cassia (Saigon Cassia). While cinnamon would appear to have many positive aspects, one particular compound in it can cause liver damage or failure in high enough dosages. Cassia/Saigon Cassia has a (much) higher concentration of this compound. Therefore, I am taking a supplement made from Ceylon cinnamon.

While the governmental data is ambiguous, there are enough other studies (including some governmental) that indicate it can have antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, positive blood-sugar and cholesterol activities, and anti-cancer actions. Some of what I’ve read also indicate it could be something of a catalytic in terms of helping the cocktail work. So, in it is.

The final ingredient has, frankly, the weakest scientific evidence — at least when it comes to anti-inflammatory properties. However, it does provide all the components needed for the formation (and restoration) of cartilage. The reason I’m taking it isn’t the alleged anti-inflammatory properties, it’s the chemical building blocks it provides.

There are 16 types of collagen, but Type II is a component of cartilage, while Type I and III are in your skin. While there are many sources of the amino acids that are collagen, what I’m trying to do is provide my body with easy-to-digest/absorb amounts of those that can help my joints, skin, and other tissues. So, I’m taking a supplement that provides Types I, II, III, V, and X. It is also Keto-friendly, which helps.

So, that’s the current mix. At this point, I’ve been on this cocktail for about four weeks. While I would prefer to be on it six weeks before saying antyhing, I probably will release some initial assessment next week.

BTW, if you care to help with the experiment, feel free to hit the tip jar in the top right corner, or use the Amazon wish list in the same spot as what I’m currently using is listed there. Thanks.

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