Random Thoughts On A Friday Morning

The Katie Hill story has it all: power, privilege, sex, betrayal. A politician has multiple affairs with staff members of both sexes. How old were some of them? What’s more, it appears to have been a pattern with that politician. In the age of #metoo, it would be grounds for running that politician out of town on a rail.

But, this is a female politician of the democratic persuasion. The woman card has been played. The divorce/revenge card has been played. Major media outlets are focusing on that, while refusing to report on the events, and are doing their best to put the original, and highly professional, investigative reporting by Jennifer Van Larr at RedState into either a negative light (eeeevil conservatives!) or by pretending it doesn’t exist.

Stealing a great line, remember that modern journalism is all about covering important stories, with a pillow until they quit moving.

On this story, and on several others involving the inquiry now criminal investigation of the whole Russian hoax, it is also very clear (yet again) to anyone willing to watch that JournoList is (and has been) up and running. Most of us knew that was the case within weeks of the original being outed.

That outing has been the subject of a number of rumors: that it was by someone upset at the perversion of the journalistic code of ethics (it was); that it was by a closet conservative; that it was by someone who didn’t feel it was progressive enough (I can see that); or, take your pick.

I will say this: the new JournoList is to be commended for whatever security they put in place. So far, it seems to be holding, though I’m not sure for how long that will last. Remember, progressives always end up eating their own.