And not fun ones or ones that look like Ms. Knightly…

Nothing like waking up to find out that someone is pirating one of your books. Amazon is a pain to deal with, but did finally get a person, who did finally get me to someone who is now referring it to yet someone else. Meantime, know that I have not authorized or published any mass-market paperback books. And if anyone knows how to find out who is behind an Amazon seller, I would be very interested in knowing more about that so I can share with counsel…

2 thoughts on “Pirates”

  1. Happy Birthday Cousin Blake! Have a marvelous 59! Hope you’re well and up to something, as usual. I have a grandbaby girl now and can send a photo of, if I had a current number or app to do so with. Have a blessed day my cousin and celebrate…we outlived our grandfather S.C. Davis!

    1. Thanks Cuz! Hope you had a good one too. E-mail sent to addy provided, hope we can talk soon.

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