Epstein and Company

Yes, know there has been a serious lack of free ice cream. Lots going on in life and in the world. The arrest of Epstein is interesting, and there will be some more serious posts soon dealing with some topics that branch out from it. For now, two quick points.

First, I would ask you to avoid using the term pedophile for him. Pedophiles are attracted to pre-pubescent children, and tend not to be gender specific (they will molest, rape, and abuse either gender). Technically, someone who goes after those who are pubescent to post-pubescent are Ephebophiles. They tend to focus on one gender. Yes, this distinction matters, both for the victims and for some of the larger implications.

Second, I was struck many years ago by a description from one of his victims that when she was used by one of his guests on a flight, that he would quiz her not only on what was done sexually, but what was discussed, the questions he asked, and apparently the answers to some questions that he had her ask everyone. In short, he debriefed her. He was gathering intelligence, and that implies that he has intelligence files on not just public movers and shakers, but on those not in the public eye who have considerable influence shall we say. You didn’t get invited on a flight or to one of his properties off the street — such was offered to those who counted. Which makes me wonder what, besides alleged child porn, was found on his computers and servers… This is potentially huge if nothing happens to derail the process.

Think about that a bit, and about the pressure that has been, and likely is being, brought to bear to get him free and to keep the information he has on very important people safe. Some in the media are saying there’s too much light now, too many people looking, for anything to keep this from going forward and the information coming out. Bull. Desperate people can and will do desperate things, and trust me there are more than a few powerful people out there desperate to shut this down. I hope that it all does come out, but will believe it when I see it. Meantime, the best and safest thing for him is to remain in custody and under guard. He should probably still hire a food taster and run a geiger counter over his salt shaker, just to be safe…