Proposition: All Automotive Design Engineers/Designers Have To Work Three Years As A Mechanic Before Starting

Lots to say, lots going on in the world for good or for ill. However, Life intervened when the water pump on my car went out (rather spectacularly) Friday, thankfully after I had purchased it’s replacement. However, instead of having someone else install it as planned, I had to put it on myself since it wasn’t moving from where I had nursed it home and into the driveway.

It’s been a while since I’ve done auto mechanics, but it did get done. About six or more times the time estimate for a real mechanic, but that’s okay. Only real issue was overheating badly on Saturday while working on it. Finished up and cleaned up Sunday, then worked on recovery from the heat.

Which leads to the above proposition. It used to be that you could get in to work on most things rather easily. These days, not so much. You have to disassemble quite a bit to get to most anything. It’s all good on paper, but a PITA to really work on. I think that if the designers (and executives over them) had to work as mechanics for three years servicing things, we might see some serious improvements in design.

More soon.