Cigar Review: Aganorsa Leaf

This is a little odd, but I need to start the review by noting that Casa Fernandez has changed it’s name to Aganorsa Leaf. This actually brings operations under the family tobacco growing operations, and is part of an ongoing effort to rebrand operations under a common banner.

At a recent event for their JFR cigars (excellent cigars for the price), I was given the opportunity to obtain one of the special Aganorsa Corojo cigars. On a recent Sunday morning, I fired it up and enjoyed it with a morning cup of coffee.

It had a nice medium body at the start, with woodsy notes on the early draw. Some definite cedar with some light spice notes, along with a bit of a bite on the finish. As the first third progressed, more spice notes came in, including pepper, making for a very nice build in flavor.

Midway through, it mellowed a bit with the spice notes moving to the higher end. The final third moved back to a solid body with plenty of flavor as the wood and spice ramped back up. It did not burn hot until the very end.

All-in-all, a good smoke though it did burn a bit unevenly on the final third. It paired well with both black and fortified coffee. On a technical note, the cigar was punched and lit with a jet lighter.