Further Confirmation Leaving Facebook Was The Right Decision

Having left pretty much all social media, I missed the “huge” tizzy about a doctored video of Nancy Pelosi. It is reported to have been dropped in frame rate (speed) and had some audio tweaking done to make her sound even more out of it than normal as a bit of satire. Making fun of politicians of all stripes has been a tradition in American even from before the founding of the Republic.

Apparently, that is no longer allowed; rather, it is no longer allowed in regards one party. To do so brings down the wrath of those who think themselves our betters and the fit masters of all. In this case, Kevin Poulsen of the Daily Beast, who took it as his mission to dox the poster. He did so, and he did so with the apparent help of Facebook. Note, this is not that he used Facebook to learn the name of the person alleged to have first posted the video. Instead, Facebook the institution/business/whatever apparently worked with Kevin to reveal the private identity of a user. Why they would do so, other than for political motivations, is one of several questions that need to be asked of Facebook.

You can read about the doxxing here; read the response of the person identified — wrongly according to him — here (and here’s hoping he does sue Poulsen, The Daily Beast (no link love here), and Facebook; and, you really do need to read this reminder that you are not a customer to Facebook, but a product to be used and sold.

So glad I left, wish I had done it sooner.