Memorial Day 2019

Safety Brief: Don’t be stupid. Do not add to or subtract from the population without due thought.

General Orders: Enjoy. Have a good time. Take the time to have good food, good drink, good times — all with good friends and family. Laugh, a lot if possible. Remember those who gave all for our lives and freedoms, for this is their day.

As I noted both here at at Blackfive over the years, none of the troops (or veterans) I know would want anyone to don sackcloth and ashes and mourn today. They would have been first about raising a beer, eating something tasty, or doing something fun with the important people in their lives.

So, go drink something good; eat something tasty; do something fun; and, if possible, do it with good people. Just take the time to raise a glass to them, to remember them.

And follow the safety brief, as only Carl does not want you to follow the safety brief. Don’t be Carl.


Today, I honor all who made the ultimate sacrifice; and, in particular, I remember:

ENS Albert Foster Powers, MIA 1945 Japan

LCPL Bill Stelpflug, Beirut

COL Rick Rescorla, NY 9/11

SPC Ryan Dallam, Iraq

PFC Damian Lopez, Iraq

SPC Marieo Guerrero, Iraq

CPT Anthony Palermo, Iraq

SPC David Behrle, Iraq

SPC Joseph Gilmore, Iraq

PFC Travis Haslip, Iraq

SGT Jean Medlin, Iraq

SSG Christopher Moore, Iraq

PVT Alexander Varela, Iraq

LCPL Jeremy W. Burris, Iraq

SSG Brian Cowdrey, Afghanistan

MAJ Andrew Olmstead, Iraq