Living The Wildlife

There are many things to write about, but decided to take a break this morning.  I moved a few months ago and despite technically being closer to the big city, am in an area with woods, orchards, a huge yards despite the surrounding big city.

Two weeks ago, spotted a coyote at the end of the street.  Had suspected they were around, but getting the confirmation was interesting.

This morning, had a red fox come trotting down the road.  Said good morning, which startled it a bit, but was very glad to see it.  Foxes keep down a lot of rodents and other things I don’t care to have around.

Both, however, cause me to worry about the landlord’s remaining cat, who I call Boopster/Boopsie/Fleabag.  She is declawed and was living inside, but has decided that she wants to be an outdoor cat.  Only comes in to eat, and quickly demands to be let out again.  We’ve already lost the other cat (possibly to one of the hawks living nearby), really don’t want to lose her despite the fleas (for which I am now applying flea powder on a weekly basis).