Free Ice Cream Shortage

Sorry, nothing today as I didn’t sleep well (weather changes really suck these days). Not really looking forward to today, on several levels, but will get by. And, if lucky, find ways to make it a truly great day for myself and others.


Quick Update

Still no word from Amazon on my book being pirated. On the good news front, an automotive issue has been taken care of (for now) without too much blood shed. Now to develop a good maintenance plan and implement it… More soon.

Proposition: All Automotive Design Engineers/Designers Have To Work Three Years As A Mechanic Before Starting

Lots to say, lots going on in the world for good or for ill. However, Life intervened when the water pump on my car went out (rather spectacularly) Friday, thankfully after I had purchased it’s replacement. However, instead of having someone else install it as planned, I had to put it on myself since it wasn’t moving from where I had nursed it home and into the driveway.

It’s been a while since I’ve done auto mechanics, but it did get done. About six or more times the time estimate for a real mechanic, but that’s okay. Only real issue was overheating badly on Saturday while working on it. Finished up and cleaned up Sunday, then worked on recovery from the heat.

Which leads to the above proposition. It used to be that you could get in to work on most things rather easily. These days, not so much. You have to disassemble quite a bit to get to most anything. It’s all good on paper, but a PITA to really work on. I think that if the designers (and executives over them) had to work as mechanics for three years servicing things, we might see some serious improvements in design.

More soon.

More Free Ice Cream Soon (?)

I really am working to get things up and going again. There are some posts I’ve promised people I would do; there are posts I want to do; and, there is fun stuff to share. That said, it is taking longer to get things working well for that than I care for. However, it is in work.

Meantime, here’s a shot from Utah Beach. I had put my Battlemug (full of coffee) down while I did some photographs not long after dawn, looked down, and realized there was a great shot literally at my feet…

It’s Interesting

Working to get back into the proper habits for real blogging — after so much time in the cesspits of social media — is interesting. Mostly in terms of the Chinese curse, but I will admit that some of it is good food for thought.

My start in blogging was built around posts that were effectively columns, or stories that laid out information and thoughts on a topic. That is where much of my heart lies.

That said, one of the more effective formats I’ve seen for current use is very short posts linking to longer posts by the authors and others. Going to have to think about what is the best way forward for me, and for you, my readers.

Meantime, I hope to start getting a new personal schedule in place that will allow more time to do some in depth writing even as I explore options to recover traffic and get done what I want to get done. We will see how it goes.

Not Sure About 185…

I got to take a Maserati out for a spin last week, and while I did not live up to the song I did get to try it on both regular streets and the “real” Indy 500 — I-465. Traffic was heavy so I did not get the opportunity to truly open it up, but wish I could have. Given some of what I’ve heard about the brand, I was surprised and pleased with the style, comfort, and ride. The only issue I had was with some ergonomics around the steering wheel which may be adjustable given all that can be adjusted in the car. A nice bit of fun.

More To Come

There are a number of things about which I want to write, and in a couple of cases, have promised to write. They are coming, as I slowly move towards a return to writing and more of the life I knew. It will take time, for a variety of reasons. One reason is that we had storms last night, and this evening I have to take care of some downed limbs/parts of trees before I can mow.

Also, I am sorry to say that all the comments to previous posts are lost courtesy of a glitch. If you care to replace them, please do.