With Tears In My Eyes

Please, Step Back and Think

This morning, I want to ask everyone on every “side” of the political spectrum, to take a step back. Yes, the majority of my remarks are aimed at the progressive side of things, as they are the ones initiating most, if not all, of the violence. But, it also applies to everyone as far too many seem intent on throwing thermite on the fire.

In more than fifty years of life, I have never seen this Republic so divided, and the concept of discourse so thoroughly discarded. I have never seen a level of hatred with open calls of violence by so many in all those decades.

With tears in my eyes, I beg you: please step back. Think.

Look in the mirror, and take an honest look at yourself. Are you condoning violence against those who hold a different opinion on politics or any subject? Do you say the “Nazis” (socialists by the way, look at the name) deserve to be punched or worse? Do you pass off violent assault and murder with any form of ‘they had it coming/deserve it’ because they hold a different belief? Do you hate those who disagree with you or hold a different opinion? Do you support violent ‘resistance’ to the results of the election, or to those of a different viewpoint by armed masked brown shirts? Do you eagerly anticipate and embrace anything by anonymous sources that validate your beliefs? Do you take any news that validates your position without question, without doing any digging or critical thought?

If so, you are the reason the Republic is, if not dead, in a coma. You are the reason for the violence, and the lack of civility and discourse. Own it.

Demonizing your opponents is as old as time itself. In terms of the American body politic, the idea of casting non-progressive (conservative, libertarian, Republican, etc.) as Nazis goes back to the early part of the last century (see lidblog.com/republicans-less-human for some interesting history on this)but has reached epic levels in the last decade. It’s easy to get people to hate that and those who are demonized. Hate removes rational thought, and what truly scares me about the situation today is the rampant unthinking uncritical hate that has infected far too much of the body politic. It is not enough to disagree: one must destroy the ‘enemy’ and all they hold dear. Take a look at the Social Justice Bully playbook, and see how often it has played out in the last 10-15 years.

While there is hatred on all sides, a good case can be built that much of it is institutionalized on the progressive side of the spectrum. Use a good metasearch engine (I like Dogpile) and do some searches on calls for political violence; actual cases of political violence; and, false claims of violence/hate crimes. The unfiltered results may shock you.

Take a look at the cases of actual violence against conservatives/libertarians/Republicans/etc. A good listing of them is at dailycaller.com/2017/06/16/this-list-of-attacks-against-conservatives-is-mind-blowing Don’t like the source? Do some more meta searches as there is a good bit out there for those who truly are willing to think and be responsible informed citizens.

Yes, there were some nutcases who said nasty and vile things about Obama. However, I ask you to show me a single case where major members of the political/entertainment class (and I include news media in the latter) openly called for violence against him and/or the progressive cause. There was a rodeo clown who wore a mask, and was subjected to the required three minutes of hate and a concerted effort to destroy him and his life…

Today, you openly have professors, journalists, and even political leaders calling for open violence and armed resistance to the duly elected President and those who agree — even slightly — with him. Don’t believe me? Again, metasearch is your friend if you truly are interested in being an informed Citizen. Frankly, it is my opinion that much of it is a deliberate and cynical effort aimed at political power and destabilizing (killing) the Republic. May I commend to you that your reading include www.powerline.blog//archives/2017/06/the-empire-strikes-back-4 as part of your reading.

I would also commend to you some wise words from Brad Torgeren, on the subject of hate. Please check out his very wise words at www.facebook.com/brad.torgersen/posts/1967883229904567

To those on the conservative/libertarian/etc. side of the spectrum who are egging it on and eagerly pushing for violence in return: you are just as bad.

There is much more I could say and list. However, far too many minds are closed, so I will simply say this:

Your fantasy is just that, a fantasy. The blood and pain will not be for others, but for you. Don’t believe me? Just look back at the French Revolution. Then look at every other ‘revolution’ that pitted socialism (in all forms) against everything else.

It did not work out well in 1914. It did not work out well in 1933. It did not work out well in 1789. It will NOT work out well this time.

Brad also has some more wise words at www.facebook.com/brad.torgersen/posts/1970456016313955.

To everyone on all ‘sides’ of the political spectrum, I beg you with tears in my eyes, to stop and think. If you continue, you are responsible for all that happens and are just as guilty of the assaults, murders, etc. that WILL come if things continue this way. As yourself if you are willing to personally pull the trigger, swing the club, etc. If not, you need to step way the fuck back and try to pull in those who continue the calls. If you are, then look in the mirror and realize that you have met the enemy and they are you.

It will not go well, and it will not end the way you think it will.

Few today realize the aberration that was the founding of this Republic, which enshrines the peaceful exchange of power; of the checks and balances (sadly damaged if not destroyed) on that power; of the idea of one set of laws for all (sadly gone). It all hinged on the concept of an informed electorate and the marketplace of ideas. Where is that open and honest marketplace now?

Benjamin Franklin had it right when he said “A republic, if you can keep it.” Can you? Will you?

6 thoughts on “With Tears In My Eyes”

  1. I think part of the problem is the deliberate rejection of history and logic by the modern Left. They really believe, and haven’t had it challenged in their safe spaces, that simply by willing it so, they can make work this time what has never worked before when the same thing was tried.

    And, by not reading history comma and growing up in a very sheltered environment, they have an insanely romanticized, almost live action role playing version of what a revolution means. I talk to people who want a leftist revolution and simply laugh like little children when the fate of the old Bolsheviks under Stalin is pointed out to them. They’re sure it can’t happen here, of course it will work, and if it doesn’t work they’ll just quit the game and start it over again.

    Of course it won’t get that far, as they have no real organization for serious military combat. What will happen, if we don’t act fast enough, is that civil political order will break down, and order will be reimposed by some sort of military dictatorship or junta. Because their knowledge of military history comes from action movies, they really don’t get that an organized military beats any romantic mob every day of the week. They really can’t believe it. No movie would end with the “bad guys” winning.

  2. I regret not being able to be more eloquent. I hang out with authors because words matter.

    I did not join tbe Tea Party because I don’t like emotional crowds and flag-waving. I admit to being wary of Trump for tbe same reason.

    I served very briefly in the USAF. I don’t own firearms. I don’t go to bars. And lately I just hang out in cancer hospitals.

    So please spare me the false comparisons. If our government falls, it’s because we pay nearly 50% of working age adults to be idle, develop envy and hatred of otbers, and we allow good people to be slandered.

    America rejected God. And we’re in the Romans 1:18-32 part of our Republic’s history now. And only repentance, prayer, and Divine Intervention can save us from what we have sown.

    Halfway measures and polite homilies won’t buy us a cup of coffee at Denny’s, either.

  3. “It did not work out well in 1914. It did not work out well in 1933. It did not work out well in 1789. It will NOT work out well this time.”

    Then your choice is clear: put on the chains.

    The Left has made it clear for 60 years or more that all you have to do is agree with them in every particular, the violence will stop. It will not stop otherwise.

    Our Founders were wiser than you: “If you love wealth greater than liberty, the tranquility of servitude greater than the animating contest for freedom, go home from us in peace. We seek not your counsel, nor your arms. Crouch down and lick the hand that feeds you; May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen.”

    Is war a good thing? No. Is it sometimes a necessary thing? Only you can answer.

  4. Conservatives have for years submitted to the vile and hateful treatment we’ve been subjected to by the left. The things that were said about G.W. Bush and Mitt Romney were disgusting and untrue, but the MSM lapped it up, printed it without verification and in fact encouraged all of it.

    But what has gone on vis a vis Donald Trump is worse than all that has gone before. The violent rhetoric and even actual violence by the left has ratcheted up to heretofore unseen levels.

    The difference is that conservatives are now fighting back. Trump supporters have had enough and are not going to stand idly by any longer. I’m too old to join the Power Trump types, but I would be happy to help make the Antifa people back down if I was younger. And when someone like me, a huge believer in the benefit to all of open political discourse, gets to this point then the left needs to be careful going forward.

    The right isn’t going to sit still for the shooting of anyone. Keep it up and tit for tat may result. I hope not, but the left isn’t going to stop so I see it coming.

  5. “I did not join”, ” I admit to being wary ”

    And now you plead for it all to stop? There were people trying to stop it. Apparently, they make you feel icky.

  6. Sadly, what many who participate in the breakdown of our formerly civil society do not understand is that much of what is offered to be read, and taken to be accurate on the internet, are mass produced verbal memes using bots taking advantage of the opportunity of our instant communication system to propagandize the uninformed. I’m old enough to remember the 60’s and 70’s. The radicals from that era hung up their violent ways and began to teach their dreck in our colleges, churches, businesses and government. Hopefully it’s not too late for things to calm down before something irrevocable occurs.

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